How should Norwich City Utilize Kei Kamara in the Premier League?

By James Kent


Kei Kamara
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Canary fans only got a slight glimpse of their in new January signing in the 0-0 draw against Fulham. However, it was enough to get a fairly good idea on the sort of player that he is. Clearly, he has that all too rare commodity of natural pace. This is something that the Premier League side don’t exactly have in abundance.

I think it’s fair to say that he offers that little bit more than Simeon Jackson does especially since he combines that pace with power. We are yet to get a clear indication on if the player will be able to add significant goals.

But the information that we have so far suggests that being a prolific goal-scorer may not be a clear representation of Kei Kamara. However, he does offer something different and is clearly capable of making an impact from the bench.

What will be interesting to see is if that remains the extent of his role, or if Chris Hughton also sees him as a possibility to start games. Hughton has already suggested that he is capable of playing a number of different positions. And it’s easy to see how he could make an impact from the wing or from an attacking midfield role.

Nevertheless, it’s important to remember that if he starts games, then that option will not be available from the bench. I have always maintained that it’s very important that teams have significant options to impact a match. Kamara certainly looks to be one of those, and with him coming from the MLS it will be important to proceed with caution.

Of course, Hughton has signed him and only he will fully know what the full plan is. But if I was to guess, then an explosive substitute would be it. It should also be noted that Grant Holt and Luciano Becchio are more the type to start games. Although, they are both goal-scorers, perhaps, not of the explosive sort that substitutes should be.

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