Portsmouth Charge Carlisle to Park at Fratton Park

By Gary Troia

Portsmouth Football Club is hurtling down through the English leagues like the meteor did over Russia.  Portsmouth, a Premier League club, in 2010, and a FA Cup winner, in 2008, now play in the third tier of English football.

The loyal Pompey fans have been literally put through the wringer in recent years.  They have seen the club go through administration, not able to pay the players’ wages, and two relegations.

And things are not about to get better any time soon, as they are currently bottom of League 1, nine points from safety, and facing a third relegation.

If administration and three relegations are not enough to contend with, the supporters can only shake their heads in disbelief at the comical and embarrassing decision of the club’s administrators of charging Carlisle United to park before the recent game at Fratton Park.

Gregg Abbott, the Carlisle manager, was angry and gobsmacked in equal measure, as the administrators that run Fratton Park’s car park refused to allow the away team to park unless they handed over £20 for the privilege.

So, after a monotonous 350 mile trip to Portsmouth, you then get asked to pay for parking.  It’s just lucky they had the cash -otherwise the story would have been even more comical with Abbott having to get his card out and find a cash machine.

I do feel for the Portsmouth fans as they don’t deserve what has been done to their club by mismanagement, but if they thought they had already endured the maximum embarrassment possible, inflicted on them by their recent owners, they certainly have now.

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