Deluded Wenger and his Deluded Players believe they can win Champions League

By Gary Troia
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Like father like son is a familiar saying, but like manager like player may soon become popular.  As the Arsenal players trudged from the Emirates Stadium with boos ringing in their ears after the FA Cup defeat to Championship side Blackburn Rovers, it did not take them long to start suggesting that they are now going to beat Bayern Munich in the Champions League.

The fact of the matter is this: Arsene Wenger has been at Arsenal for too long.  His delusional excuses are wearing thin with even the staunchest Wenger supporters, but they are still believed by his players.

Wenger has not won a trophy for eight years, and that is just not acceptable for a club the size of Arsenal.  His big players like Robin Van Persie and Cesc Fabregas have left for truly big clubs – clubs that win things.

But Wenger’s delusion remains intact by saying that he did not send out a weakened team against Blackburn.  If that is so, and his squad cannot cope with a Championship side at home, then those squad players are no way good enough if he requires them to play against the likes of Bayern Munich.

Now Wenger’s delusion has rubbed off on Jack Wilshire who believes they can emulate Chelsea and win the Champions League.  If that is not delusion being handed down from the top, then my dictionary has deluded itself about the definition of delusion.  A club that has not won a trophy for eight years, been knocked out the FA Cup by a Championship side, knocked out of the Capital One Cup by Bradford City, a League 1 side, is now going to win the Champions League: Deluded, right?   Leave now Wenger before what is left of your respect from the game is completely wiped out.

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