Gareth Bale's Wonder Goal Nails the Hammers

By Gary Troia
Gareth Bale, courtesy of

Last night’s game between West Ham United and Tottenham Hotspur at Upton Park began with a tribute to the legend Bobby Moore, but it ended with everyone talking about Gareth Bale, a new legend in the making.

With the game at 2-2, and the clock ticking down, Bale received the ball in midfield, and with no apparent danger to West Ham, unleashed an unstoppable shot from 35 yards into the top corner of the West Ham goal.

West Ham’s goalkeeper Jussi Jaaskelainen had been brilliant on the night, but could do nothing but shake his head in admiration at the effort that had just screamed passed him.

For the past few months, aficionados of the game have been touting Bale as the next Lionel Messi or Christiano Ronaldo – but he is neither – he is the first Bale. There is absolutely no question whether he is now in the same league as the previously mentioned superstars of the game – he is!

With Bale’s scintillating form, Spurs could finally eclipse their North London rivals, Arsenal, by finishing above them in the Premier League.  By a mouth-watering twist of fate, their next home game is against Arsenal, and if they were to win it, Spurs would open up an almost unassailable seven-point gap between themselves and their neighbours.

However, although Bale’s form has almost single-handedly taken Spurs to third in the Premier League, a new problem is about to confront Tottenham; will Spurs, or indeed Bale, be able to resist the lure of a monumental offer from one of the huge European clubs?  Unfortunately for Spurs and their supporters, I think the answer will be no.

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