Ryan Giggs: A Phenomenon

By Gary Troia
Ryan Giggs, courtesy of www.thegaurdian.co.uk

Ryan Giggs has played 999 first-class games.  Manchester United’s next fixture is against Norwich City, the one that follows that is Real Madrid in the Champions League.  With no disrespect to Norwich, how fitting and deserved it would be if he made his 1000th first-class appearance at Old Trafford with Real Madrid as the main guest at his party.

To play so many first-class games would be an incredible achievement for anyone at any club, but playing for Manchester United under the no-nonsense Sir Alex Ferguson makes it even more incredulous.

Apart from maybe Giggs himself, no one could have foreseen that amount of games coming – certainly not United or Ferguson – as they gave him his testimonial 12 years ago!

Not surprisingly, Giggs has become the most decorated British footballer of all time: 12 Premier League titles, 4 FA Cups, 4 Football League Cups, and 2 UEFA Champions League medals are all crammed into his trophy cabinet.

It seems very likely that Ferguson will hand the “Peter Pan” of football yet another year’s extension, which will see him play for a top club in his 40th year. When he retires from playing the game he has graced for so long, football will not have seen the last of him, as he is taking his UEFA Pro Licence; and it is therefore not inconceivable that he is being lined up to take over from Ferguson at Old Trafford.  So Manchester United at home to Real Madrid in the Champions League is the only game that befits his 1000th appearance; he has to, the script has already been written.

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