Brazil World Cup will have 'super-size' Seats

By Stowe Gregory


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The 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil is set to have ‘super-size’ seats, to cater for fans who weigh up to 560 lbs (40 stone).

Builders of the venues across the country are fitting specially sized seats so that obese supporters can still watch the tournament, despite obesity. The seats are not only stronger, but “double the width.”

“Some fans are simply too big to fit in a standard seat,” a worker from the building organization said.

It is a law in Brazil to have the larger seats and the organizers are hoping to bring in extra revenue by charging the larger variety of fan a higher price for their match ticket.

The seats and stadium will be tested this summer in the Confederations Cup, where the price will be around £38 ($59). However, if you weigh under 20 stone, you can expect to be charged around half of that.

An example of the law at a Brazillian subway.
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To add to the unique nature of these seats, they will be different colored to the rest.

All 12 stadiums will feature these seats, with the newly refurbished Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro hosting both the opening game and the final.

It may be a disability law, but it is just another example of modern changes in the game that happens year by year.


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