Sons of Ben Show Robbie Rogers True Brotherly Love

By Phil Naegely
Sons of Ben
Photo credit to Earl Gardner- Philly Soccer Page

Philadelphia is nicknamed the city of brotherly love. While there has been many actions and incidents by Philadelphia sports fans that showed the opposite of brotherly love, the Sons of Ben showed love.

For those who don’t know, the Sons of Ben are the Philadelphia Union’s supporter section at PPL Park.

In February, soccer player Robbie Rogers came out and told the world that he was gay and decided to take a break from soccer. The support from soccer players, coaches, and fans was very genuine and positive about his decision.

The Sons of Ben decided to continue that support Saturday at the Union’s home opener against Sporting Kansas City. The stadium erupted when Sebastien Le Toux put the Union up 1-0 in the 17th minute, but it was eerily quiet in the supporters section a moment later.

In the 18th minute, the Sons of Ben were all quiet and holding up signs that said RR. The RR stands for Robbie Rogers. It was a very creative yet impactful way to show that the Sons of Ben and other Union fans support his decision to come out publicly that he was gay. Rogers wore No.18 so it was a perfect time to support him.

The Sons of Ben choice of love and not hate shows to other soccer players who haven’t come out that are gay that they don’t have to worry of being hated by soccer fans. They are showing embrace to people for who they are instead of criticizing them for their sexuality.

They also are showing others in the United States that Philadelphians and others who support Philadelphia sports teams show brotherly love, and that Philadelphia is not a city filled with hate.

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