Sir Alex Ferguson’s Response to Manchester United Defeat is Embarrassing and Undignified

By Gary Troia
Sir Alex Ferguson, courtesy of

Let’s get the facts straight: Nani’s boot to the chest of Arbeloa was dangerous and deserved a red card whether he meant it or not, ok? End of story.  In fact, that would have been a red card in ice hockey!  Now that we all realize the truth after looking at it with sober eyes, we can move on to the real issues of the night.

Manchester United, led by the pensioner Sir Alex Ferguson, was too distraught to speak after the game, or as his assistant put it, “Sir Alex is not in a fit state.” Yeah, tell us something we don’t know, mate.

Ferguson is managing one of the biggest teams in the world, and his response to defeat is not talking to anyone.  It is said that people in their dotage return to childish behavior; well this is proof positive that it is true.

Next, you have Rio Ferdinand, a previous England captain, standing in front of the referee and clapping sarcastically in front of his face.  Although the referee just stood and took it, he must have thought what a twat, as seconds later Ferdinand wanted to shake his hands.

Of course, the jingoistic English press had to have their say about the travesty of Manchester United losing a game of football.  Henry Winter of the Telegraph, who thinks he is the Oracle when it comes to football, said: “a 36-year old insurance agent from Istanbul knocked United out of Europe.” What Winter means by mentioning the referee’s age, occupation and place of birth is obvious to me, but I will let the reader make up their own mind.

If that is not enough, we then had to witness Jose Mourinho, the self-proclaimed “Special One,” making a cloying application for the United job by being ever so humble.

The only solace of the night was Roy Keane, ex United captain, who said it was a sending off offence, and that was that, then looked like he was about to take anyone on in the television studio who dared to go against his truthful assessment.

Nice one, Roy.

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