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Manchester United Fan Calls 999 over Nani’s Red Card

Nani Red Card

Nani was given a red card for his challenge. Photo by

Many Manchester United fans were not very happy over the referee’s decision to give Nani a straight red card for his high challenge. One fan was so mad that he called 999, the United States equivalent of calling 911.

I don’t know what is worse: calling the police over a bad call or wanting to stone the referee over his red card decision. Either way I think both are unwarranted responses and are emotional reactions that are not well thought out.

The 18 year-old fan should not have picked up the phone and called 999, and should have done what Sir Alexander Ferguson did. Ferguson was “too distraught” to talk to the media after the game.

Luckily for the United fan, the Nottinghamshire Police are not pressing charges. Just like in the United States, it is against the law to prank call the police.

The fan called back and apologized for his lack of judgment.

“It’s no joke. In this case, the man realized his bad judgment and apologized and we decided not to pursue it further,” Chief Inspector Ted Antil added.

This call to 999 just shows how we let sporting events and decisions by sports officials get the best of us. Sports are supposed to be fun to watch, but when we overreact to calls in a game and call the cops, it can get out of control.

The next time you watch a sporting event and don’t agree with a call, don’t do what this fan did. Take a deep breath and don’t rant about it on social media.

Phil Naegely is a Soccer writer for He also writes about MLBNASCAR, and NBA news. Follow him on Twitter @afriendofgod512 and add him to your circles on Google.

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