Manchester United Fans Issue Death Threats to Turkish Referee

By Gary Troia
Cuneyt Cakir, courtesy of

Losing gracefully is not a term that sits well with anyone connected to Manchester United. So, after losing a football match to Real Madrid, the fans who love their club so much would happily kill a referee for having the temerity to send off one of their players in the Champions League.

Sir Alex Ferguson and Rio Ferdinand showed a complete lack of class at the end of the game at Old Trafford on Tuesday night and of course the supporters just mimic that in their own pathetic way.

One fan actually rang the police during the game and asked them to arrest the referee Cuneyt Cakir immediately! Another fan on Twitter said that he should be stoned. There were also more than 2,000 “fans” who liked a Facebook page entitled: “F*** you Cuneyt Cakir.” Wow! What incredible satire – Jonathan Swift must be turning in his grave, having missed that classic.

Seriously though, you have to laugh because the 18-year old who called the police to arrest Cakir during the game was told off by his mum for wasting police time. Apparently no further action is going to be taken because he has apologized.

So Cakir, you can sleep soundly in your bed because these are Manchester United fans, not the mafia, and I very much doubt that you will wake up one fine morning screaming at the sight of Ronaldo’s severed head at the bottom of your bed.

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