Being An Irritation May Cost Luis Suarez the Chance of Awards

By Stowe Gregory
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There is no denying that Luis Suarez is currently one of the top strikers in Europe and is one of three players in the Premier League in contention for the Player of the Season awards, but he may genuinely miss out on the individual awards come May due to one part of his persona that let’s himself down. His antics.

Despite his 29 goals this season and his irreplaceable talent for Liverpool, he has an obvious tendency to antagonize and to put it simply, be a constant nuisance.

Having already created a rather villainous reputation with the whole Patrice Evra racism incident last season, Suarez hasn’t done himself any favors since. The diving was the first issue. That has not been a frequent occurrence, but it’s something that you’d definitely associate with the forward, having on various occasions perhaps not dived as it is usually defined, but instead he has forced contact by sticking out legs or going down with the slightest altercation with an opponent.  Most recently coming during this weekend’s Liverpool win over Tottenham, 3-2.

And it is that performance from Suarez that for me sums him up more than most games all season. Performance wise, he is pretty much flawless. He scores some very impressive goals, which was shown through the neat outside of the boot finish at Hugo Llorris‘ near post. But away from that Suarez was seen on several occasions failing to remove himself from altercations with the Spurs players and was a constant pest, flicking heels about, late challenges and then refusing to shake hands at the end, followed by a neck grab with Moussa Dembele.

It’s not a rare sight, and it doesn’t surprise me as such, but definitely confuses me as to why he decides to get involved with such unnecessary situations. I’m sure Liverpool fans will find some way to defend him, but hopefully they too can admit that it is a flaw in his otherwise undeniably high quality ability.

It is one of the reasons I expect Suarez to miss out on the PFA Player of the Season award. Tons of players are surely going to place their votes elsewhere if they’ve been on the receiving end of his behavior this season. Not to mention, the damages it may give to any hopes of a FIFA Team of the Year place next January.

The football writers’ award may be slightly different, but it’s likely his demeanor will be considered. For Liverpool, his performances are all that matter, but in all honesty, I know a lot of Liverpool fans have strongly spoken out on their clearly quite passionate views regarding Suarez’ award possibilities.


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