Is There A Bigger Embarrassment in Sports Right Now Than the New York Red Bulls?

By Phil Naegely
New York Red Bulls
Bob Stanton – USA TODAY Sports

The New York Red Bulls had no head coach for much of the offseason, and the start of their 2013 season has hit rock bottom fast. They have had back-to-back games on ESPN2 the last two weeks, and both have been total embarrassments.

I think that they were on national television the last two weeks, and a game on NBC Sports Network this week because of the market they are in not because they are a good team.

In the last two games, they have taken a lead and have embarrassed themselves in front of a national audience both times. New York looks like it has 11 individuals on the field instead of a team that has the same goal of finding three points and a win.

For the second straight game, the Red Bulls failed to also play a full 90 minutes of soccer and it showed in the end. New York scored an early goal and held a halftime lead for a second straight game. However, San Jose Earthquakes found a way to score two goals in the last 10 minutes to steal a victory from New York.

Another factor adding to the embarrassment Red Bulls edition is the lack of a true leader on the pitch. Yes, they have Thierry Henry, but he has barely contributed to the four goals scored by the Red Bulls this season. To prove this point further, Henry did more in the game against the Earthquakes than in the Red Bulls first game against the Portland Timbers. That so called achievement occurred when he shot a ball way wide of the net.

The Red Bulls have no cups, whether it is an MLS CUP, US Open Cup title, or CONCACAF Champions League title, and this season will be no different. Their season is already in shambles and don’t look for it to turn around unless they step up more on defense and leaders and veterans on the team actually contribute for a full 90 minutes.

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