Roy Miller Baffles Many with Encroachment Explanation

By Phil Naegely
Roy Miller
Bob Stanton – USA TODAY Sports

Roy Miller did not have the best of games last week when the New York Red Bulls took on the San Jose Earthquakes. His explanation of why he encroached during the penalty kick followed suit to how he played. He isn’t the only player on the team playing poorly for the Red Bulls. They have looked flat out embarrassing in the last two games especially in the second half and latter parts of the games.

After the training session today, Miller admitted to intentional encroaching and explained why he did it.

“I did it on purpose with the thought that Chris Wondolowski would miss,” said Miller, who was also called for the handball that led to the penalty kick. “Simply, I wasn’t in agreement with the situation that was going on and the penalty kick being given, because for me the handball didn’t have to be called but some refs call it and some don’t.”

Miller was mad and disagreed with the referee’s decision to call the hand ball. So, he decided to encroach. Either way, it makes no sense to encroach unless you know the referee won’t call encroachment, which is slim to none.

In Miller’s defense, Wondowlowski’s penalty kick was saved, but because of the encroachment, he got a second chance.

The explanation of Miller’s encroachment continues, and it becomes apparent that he forgets what the rules of soccer are, or at least the rule about what happens if a defensive player encroaches.

“I did it so that if [Wondolowski] made it, he would have to do it again and then he missed. I had the unfortunate luck that Luis saved the initial attempt.”

Miller failed to remember or realize that if Wondolowski made the penalty kick, then the goal would have been good. A second shot is only given in the event of a defensive player encroaching if the first shot is missed or saved.

His logic for encroaching is not very good. It makes for a very good story line for the Earthquakes coming back and winning, but that is about it.

It just baffles me that Miller didn’t remember this rule, but at least he was honest about it. Honesty is the best policy, but sometimes it is just better for your own self to keep quiet unless you are asked.

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