Liverpool: Why Luis Suarez is my player of the year

By Thomas O'Dell
Luis Suarez
Image courtesy of The Metro

He’s one of those love-him-or-hate-him kind of guys. He’s sparked numerous controversies in the past, and has been accused of simulation and intention handling of the ball.

But there’s one thing that no one can doubt — Luis Suarez is an incredible footballer.

Suarez must have grown up playing on the streets. He plays like no one else in the Premier League. Using players to rebound the ball from and leaving his man in the most audacious ways. His finishing has drastically improved this season, putting him at the top of the goal-scoring charts.

What separates him from other forwards is the sheer effect he has on every game for Liverpool. He has dragged them at times this season. Liverpool is a squad full of talent, but without his goals, assists, movement and ability to unlock defenses, they could be in the bottom half of the league.

The neat finishes he squeezes into the net and from the tightest of angles are exquisite and pretty much unprecedented. There are times when he’s truly unplayable — Norwich and Wigan can testify to that.

People often talk of Robin Van Persie, Gareth Bale, or perhaps even an outsider in Juan Mata as the best players in the Premier League, but they shouldn’t threaten him for the PFA Player of the Year award.

If Van Persie could have carried on his form from the first half of the season, it could have gone to him. Bale, though a revelation he’s been, hasn’t been as consistent as Suarez and has had games where he’s been ineffective.

This leaves the Uruguayan Suarez as not only the top goal-scorer so far this season, but also the best player.

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