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Aston Villa: Christian Benteke is the Complete Forward

Christian Benteke

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Strong, fast, agile, clinical. Christian Benteke has been one of the Premier League‘s deadliest front-men this season.

Without his goals, Aston Villa could have already been relegated this season, but his presence has given them a great chance of survival.

He is also a target man, the old fashioned number 9. The Belgian uses his strength to hold off players and ultimately distribute the ball, and he has a good enough touch to allow this. He times his runs well, often striding free from failed offside-traps.

Against the best teams this season, he has also caused problems. He was instrumental in the 3-1 away win at Liverpool, probably their performance of the season.

But will he be there next season? If Villa goes down, absolutely not. If they survive, probably not.

He’ll be the target for a lot of clubs in the summer. Tottenham or Arsenal could flourish with him as a lone forward. He is what both North London clubs have lacked this season, an all round powerful forward.

Adebayor and Giroud haven’t really done the jobs for their respective clubs this season. Both teams are built for a player of Benteke’s type, he just needs to be signed.

Villa have been known to submit to the advances from bigger clubs. Downing, Young and Milner were snapped up, albeit for some ridiculous fees. Will Benteke be next?

Another Belgian starlet, he would be available for the biggest clubs. I can only imagine him staying in England, he would be a waste elsewhere.

I just think he’s destined to sign for Tottenham or Arsenal. There are alternatives for the North London sides, but I believe he will be high up on their transfer lists.