Emmanuel Adebayor Must Score More Goals for Tottenham Hotspur

By Thomas O'Dell
Emmanuel Adebayor with Tottenham
Image courtesy of football365

There’s no doubt that Emmanuel Adebayor’s style fits in with Tottenham’s attack. He drifts all over the field, making himself an option for the whole team. He usually holds up the ball well, he has a good touch and is intelligent with his distribution, feeding the midfield. But is his heart really with Tottenham?

He hasn’t particularly been a fan favorite this season. There’s always been this theory that once he’s signed a contract, Adebayor doesn’t really put everything in. And his desire to score goals has been questionable this season. Many times Gareth Bale drives in and Adebayor is simply roaming around the penalty spot, not really alert.

You can take the opportunity Adebayor had on Saturday at Swansea. Clear through on goal, and he simply prodded it into the goalkeeper. It was a chance that every top forward in the world would relish, but for some reason he didn’t look like scoring.

In his defense, he gets into wonderful positions, and he has to be praised for that. He’s an experienced, intelligent player, who is usually a willing runner.

The former Arsenal striker moved to Tottenham from Manchester City after a successful loan spell last season, in which he scored 17 Premier League goals, provided valuable movement and racked up the assists. But is Adebayor a different player when he’s signed up to a long, big contract?

I think he’s Tottenham’s only option. His style is perfectly made for the team’s system. But so many players would love to wear the No. 10 shirt at Tottenham and score lots of goals, and Adebayor doesn’t seem desperate to put the ball in the net. If he doesn’t rediscover his passion soon, he could find himself on the transfer list. And he has Bale in particular to thank for scoring the goals.

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