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Now is the Time for Norwich City Fans to Stick Together

Norwich City

Martin Thirkettle-Wikipedia Commons

It’s disappointing that some fans seem to be turning against Chris Hughton in the aftermath of the 1-0 defeat to Wigan Athletic. I think we can all agree that it was an unfortunate result, but turning against Hughton is an overreaction in my opinion.

It’s fair to say that the manager’s defensive football does not sit well with a lot of fans. I feel this sometimes causes fans to overreact to individual results. Some fans think that a more attacking approach was needed against Wigan.

The suggestion seems to be that it would have pulled the Canaries well clear of the relegation zone. But it’s a dangerous assumption that an attacking style automatically results in a resounding win. In Hughton’s shoes, I would approach the game in the exact same way.

We know that Wigan are a very dangerous side this time of the year, most of us would have been delighted with a point. Therefore, it’s obvious that a defeat was always a possibility, and it’s just unfortunate that it actually happened.

What is clear is that the Norwich board are settled on the managerial abilities of Hughton, and aren’t going to make a rash decision at the first sign of trouble. Instead, they have decided that he is the man for the future and trusted his judgement over a certain Dutch striker.

We all know that the Canaries aren’t in the best of form, but we need everyone to stick together to get us over the line. Hughton has generally kept Norwich clear of the relegation zone and he should be trusted to finish the job that he started. Getting to 40 points this season will be a huge relief to everyone as we can finally start planning towards another season in the Premier League.


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