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The Appeal of Champions League Contenders Borussia Dortmund: Part 1

Image via Marcus Unger – Wikipedia Commons

It’s very likely that with Borussia Dortmund‘s last-minute escapology trick vs Malaga that many neutrals are now hoping Jurgen Klopp‘s side become the champions of Europe.

They are perhaps considered as the underdogs to win the Champions League now as they go into the last four, but that word doesn’t seem to pay them justice as it suggests they’re not really capable of greatness; which if you previously thought has probably been changed now.

But it’s not just the fact they’re not the ‘big boys’ of European football that means so many are taking a fondness to the yellow army. They have something more about them, that once you become aware of, then it’s really quite appealing.

Let’s start with the football. The ‘Monsters of Mentality’ is what Klopp defines his side as. Hard work at Dortmund is taken to a whole new level, it’s the basis of what their play is built on. When Klopp arrived from Mainz in 2008, a hard working nature was one of the first and most important factors he identified.

He has previously stated that “The extra effort the team put in immediately translates into move liveliness on the pitch; we’re more assertive, we create superiority in numbers — all the things you associate with extra effort.”

It’s a similar style to Barcelona at times, they defend to a large extent as much at the front as they do the back. They adopt the Gegenpressing mentality, as it’s called in Germany, which is effectively counter-pressing. They simply believe that if you lose the ball in the final third you should focus on pressing as a team to keep the opposition as deep as possible.

But if you haven’t noticed already, Dortmund play some nice football too. They’re always on the attack, always looking to score; with the likes of Mario Gotze, Marco Reus and Robert Lewandowski — to name just a few of their attacking stars, they are a quality threat.

Which brings me on to something that may really win you over. Their financial stance, or the lack of it. Dortmund appear to be a rarity in top level football in the modern era.

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