Where In the World Is Roger Torres?

By Phil Naegely
Roger Torres
John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

Many people have wondered why Philadelphia Union midfielder Roger Torres has been on the bench and not on the field. However, he hasn’t found playing time as a starter or a sub this season. During the preseason, team manager John Hackworth praised Torres for doing what he had to do in the offseason and getting into better shape.

The Union’s midfield has definitely not been Philadelphia’s stronghold and no creativity this season. It is perplexing that Hackworth hasn’t experimented a little and started or subbed in Torres. The current midfield has trouble possessing and thinking they can run through two or three defenders guarding them.

It couldn’t hurt to put in Torres. The “free Torres” chants and demands have started from Union fans, and I can’t really blame them. Danny Cruz has had his good moments this season, but his bad moments out number his good ones. Furthermore, Torres could be a good winger option and provide decent crosses to Connor Casey and Jack McInerney up top. It would be a nice alternative to see over the continual long ball attempts.

The midfield has definitely been the Union’s Achilles heel. They have had trouble possessing the ball and providing good chances up to the offense. The midfield needs to improve their game if the Union plans on succeeding this season. Putting Torres into the midfield and replacing Cruz or Keon Daniel can’t hurt the Union anymore.

John Hackworth listen up here. It is time you put in Torres into the starting XI. The midfield has been atrocious for most of the season, and playing Torres can only make it better. It is time to “free Torres”, and put some other midfielder on the bench.

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