Liverpool's Luis Suarez Receives Appropriate 10-Game Ban for Biting Incident

By Phil Naegely

Liverpool FC striker Luis Suarez bit Chelsea FC defender Branislav Ivanovic in a 2-2 draw. His actions drew reactions from the Twitter world, with athletes like Mike Tyson defending and downplaying the incident.

Suarez was fined an undisclosed amount by his team, but today the FA dropped a 10-game ban for the incident. Liverpool only has four games left in the English Premier League this season, so he will have to sit out six games next season.

Many are saying that this ban is excessive and that suspensions for racist actions have been fewer games. I acknowledge that racism in soccer around the world is an issue and the FA needs to focus on that issue. However, it was clear that Suarez bit Ivanovic. You don’t always have clear evidence someone did or say something racist.

Additionally, this is the second time Suarez has bitten another player. While playing for Dutch club Ajax, he was suspended seven games for biting his opponent. It seems like Suarez has not learned from his last suspension and this one feels appropriate to me.

Let me add here that racism should not be tolerated and those suspensions that have been given should have been longer. However, that discussion is for another article. Suarez’s 10-game ban is appropriate for his actions.

Hopefully in the future, Suarez and athletes everywhere will understand it is not okay to bite another person. I was taught this as a young child, so I thought athletes making millions would have learned it as well.

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