A Move To Real Madrid May Not Be Gareth Bale's Best Option

By Thomas O'Dell
Real Madrid
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

A move to Real Madrid sounds enticing to any young, progressive and acclaimed footballer. But despite its attraction, there is a history of starlets not succeeding at the Santiago Bernabeu, particularly from the Premier League.

The stylish Spanish giants are supposed to be the club that makes an already fabulous career complete. But for many Premier League stars, such as Michael Owen, Jonathan Woodgate, Thomas Gravesen, and more recently Luka Modric, it hasn’t elevated careers.

It’s make or break if a player joins, particularly at the age of 23. However, unlike the aforementioned La Liga strugglers, Gareth Bale is hogging all the hype in the world. He is a very level-headed young man who always plays with a smile on his face.

He is, however, an ambitious young man, and his style fits perfectly with Real Madrid. Like Christiano Ronaldo, Bale uses pace and power to beat men and loves to drive long, deviating shots at goal. Real Madrid also love to play their slick, one touch passing which zips the ball all over the pitch. This suits Bale perfectly.

The one obstacle is Tottenham‘s resilient and tenacious stance on interest in their key players, which looks immovable again. If Tottenham wants to build a potential Premier League challenging team, he must be retained.

It’s very doubtful that Bale would add to the illustrious list of Real Madrid failures; he’s too good. And they need him, badly. Barcelona have just invested heavily in Neymar, which will tilt the pendulum their way again unless Real Madrid signs another superstar.

Neymar’s move to Barcelona would be put in the shade if Bale was to join Real Madrid.


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