Could Gareth Bale command a record-breaking transfer fee?

By Thomas O'Dell
Photo by James Boyes (Wikimedia Commons)

Real Madrid‘s President Florentino Perez has hinted that he will pay whatever it takes to bring Tottenham‘s golden boy Gareth Bale to Spain. But exactly how much would he be willing to pay?

There’s plenty of gullibility among football fans and the media, but Perez has shown in the past he isn’t exactly afraid to pull the trigger. The current world transfer record stands at £80 million ($130 million), which Real Madrid splashed out on Cristiano Ronaldo, a transaction which certainly hasn’t let them down.

Before that, there the record was briefly held by Kaka, and before that, Zinedine Zidane. All of these players were purchased by Real Madrid. Is Gareth Bale next?

The Tottenham star still hasn’t come out publicly and made a significant statement regarding his future. He’s hinted at staying by relentlessly lavishing praise upon his manager Andre Villas-Boas, but this could mean nothing. The young Welshman’s head is bound to be spinning. It wasn’t long ago when he was sat on the bench, or frustrated as he couldn’t clinch a left-back spot even further back than that.

Now, he’s one of the world’s best attacking players, who possesses the ability to swing any football match in his team’s favor with a flash of his left foot.

With the frightening pace, deadly accuracy in his passing, crossing and shooting, and the maturity he now employs on a regular basis at Tottenham to keep his consistency, he has all the tools to become a legend of the game. There are few better stages than Real Madrid to showcase his talents. Zinedine Zidane has flattered Bale for months, possibly in attempt to unsettle him.

But, he seems happy at White Hart Lane. This transfer saga will of course rumble on, and there will be words written every day regarding his future. Bale could totally end all of it by committing his future, or intensify it by hinting at a move. It’s in his hands.

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