Manchester City Revamping Midfield

By Aydin Reyhan
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Manchester City is looking to overhaul their midfield, as management believes that this aspect of their team is the weakest link. Even with players such as Samir Nasri, Yaya Toure, and David Silva, apparently much more is needed. We have barely entered the month of June and already City has guaranteed two new signings in Fernando Luiz Roza (Fernandinho) and Jesus Navas.

Fernandinho is well known for his days in the Ukraine since he played for them since the year 2005 up to this point. In 134 appearances, he has scored 31 times for the club. He can be compared to Ramires of Chelsea who is a defensive midfielder with seemingly endless energy that makes the tough tackle and scores the unlikely goal. Fernandinho will score more goals than his Brazilian counterpart but will not be as fit to play every game for 90 minutes.

Jesus Navas has played his entire career for Sevilla up till this point. Now that he is past his homesick issue, he felt that the time was right to leave the country and play in the Premier League. He is a right-winger with a tremendous amount of pace, skill and vision. His job is to send in crosses, help out his teammates and score goals when need be. At City, he will not have the luxury of open spaces as he did in Spain since the EPL is more condensed and physical. He will have a bit of difficulty adjusting since his frame is thinner than most in the league but once he does, City will be that much better.

Another player similar to that of Navas is Real Madrid’s Argentine winger, Angel Di Maria. He plays on the right or left and has blistering pace, good crossing ability and can score sensational goals once in awhile. If he joins Navas at City, the team can have the fastest winger duo in the entire league.

With these transfers, the midfield will be much improved and the results should show in the standings. The goal is obviously to go finally make it out of the group stage of the Champions League and win the league once again.

However, there are no guarantees, especially since rival Manchester United knows how to find a way past their them with their immense amount of experience. At the end of the day, money spent on sparkling transfers will not guarantee winning titles, but experience will have the better chance of doing so.


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