2014 World Cup Qualifying: Mexico Soccer Fans Stoop To Classless Low Against Costa Rica

By Phil Naegely
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Mexico soccer fans usually fill Azteca to the brim and intimidate and heckle the opposing team. In Tuesday’s World Cup qualifier against Costa Rica, though, the fans were classless in throwing trash at the Costa Rica players.

Most soccer players are aware that Mexico’s fans like to distract the opponents with green laser pointers. That’s all fun and games that has seemed to become a tradition — more power to the fans for successfully sneaking the lasers in. However, throwing trash at opposing players is classless and unacceptable. The fourth official made a riot squad come on the field to protect Costa Rica on their corner kick attempt.

Are you kidding me? A riot squad had to be called in. It is ridiculous that the fans would stoop to something so classless that could seriously injure the player they are aiming for. I have a newsflash for Mexico’s fans – it is your own team’s fault for not being able to deliver a win at home during this qualification round. Likewise, throwing trash and projectiles on to the field won’t earn you the respect from other nation’s soccer fans.

At the moment, the only thing worse than Mexico’s play at Azteca is its fans. Throwing trash on the field that endangers players’ safety and requiring a riot squad to protect them is classless, and has no place in soccer or any other sport.

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