Pepe Reina Looks Likely To Leave Liverpool After Simon Mignolet's Arrival

By Stowe Gregory
Pepe Reina Spain
Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Pepe Reina looks set to leave Liverpool for new pastures as the club awaits the confirmation of Simon Mignolet‘s transfer from Sunderland.

The Spanish goalkeeper, who will turn 31 in late August, has been heavily linked with a move to La Liga Champions Barcelona and the news of Mingnolet’s move to the Reds adds further fuel to that speculation.

Surely, Liverpool won’t see a situation where Mignolet acts as back-up for Reina and vice versa. Mignolet, who is 24, will join Liverpool during a World Cup year, so it is very hard to see that he would be happy to join a second choice, with a strong possibility that he could be Belgium’s Number One next summer. More so, Liverpool don’t have £10m to spend needlessly, which could be seen as the case if Reina was to stay.

Barcelona’s first-choice keeper Victor Valdes has confirmed that he will leave the club next season when his contract expires and he himself has been heavily linked with a move to the now rich French side AS Monaco. There is a good chance this Mignolet transfer will trigger off a string of goalkeepers moving to new clubs.

Reina has certainly shown a lower standard of form in recent seasons to that which was visible from the years following 2005, when he signed for Liverpool. But being a Spaniard and having a very good distribution of the ball, a switch to Barcelona does make logical sense. Brendan Rodgers is likely to have been weary that a return to Barcelona is a dream situation for Reina and therefore sees Mignolet as a suitable replacement. You’d have to agree that the price tag of around £10m is a worthy one and that he is one of the most impressive upcoming goalkeepers in the Premier League.

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