Rivaldo: Brazil are not able to host the World Cup

By Stowe Gregory
Brazil Soccer Team Beats Japan in the Confederations Cup
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Brazil World Cup winner and legend Rivaldo has stated that he believes Brazil will not be able to host the 2014 World Cup.

The 41 year old, formerly of Barcelona, spoke out following the unrest across the country, due to the disapproval with the nation’s President and vast amounts of money that was used to host next year’s World Cup.

Protests have been seen across the nation as Brazillian’s feel living costs have increased, whilst their government has used money of development for the World Cup.

Rivaldo said via Twitter;

“A silent country can’t change, congratulations to the people of Brazil for coming together, showing strength and union. Maybe this way something might change.We are not able to host the World Cup [next year], we don’t need it, we need education and health.I wanted to get that off my chest as I was poor too, and I experienced the problems of attending public school, and the lack of good healthcare. It still hurts me when I remember that my father was run over and died because a public hospital in Recife didn’t treat him.”

Perhaps it’s not the most insightful of predictions from Rivaldo and may be more in support of those who are protesting, but it once again highlights the uncertainty behind Brazil’s ability to hold such a big event.

However, the good news for both FIFA and the organisers is that so far, the tournament designed for testing out the host nation’s facilities, The Confederations Cup, is going to plan well with little to no disruption. But, as the week progresses, there is a chance that thing could always turn for the worse.

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