Lionel Messi Proves Greed, Takes Advantage Of Spanish Government

By Devin O'Barr
Lionel Messi with Barcelona
Anthony Grubboso – USA TODAY SPORTS

The average person doesn’t even make $43 million in a lifetime. However, Lionel Messi has already made that amount this year and we are barely halfway through 2013. Despite his insane fortune, the greedy soccer star has been accused of not paying his taxes from 2006-09.

Messi is an icon in both Spain and Barcelona and rightfully so as No. 10 has gone on an unprecedented run reeling in the FIFA Player of the Year Award four seasons in a row. Although the production on the field has been second to none, Messi definitely needs to give his off-the-field image a little bit of a touch up. Surely, the 25-year-old is far too young to be involved in such tax fraud. The worst part is that Messi’s father, Jorge Horacio Messi, is also being accused for skipping out on the family’s tax duties as well.

It’s usually the greedy father who winds up getting everyone else in trouble.

With that being said, it’s not Jorge’s name who is on the line if in fact these tax fraud charges result in jail time. The Messis will appear in court on September 17th, so time will tell if the two are in for a tough time with the Spanish government or not. Hopefully, the dynamic duo has learned its lesson and no longer feels the need to exempt themselves from paying taxes.

In case you’re conjuring up a sob story for Messi keep in mind that the soccer player has already reeled in $21 million in endorsements this year alone.

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