Becoming Mr. Irrelevant: Manchester United's Wayne Rooney

By masonwest
Mitchell Gunn USA TODAY Sports

I haven’t bothered to react to the news of Wayne Rooney handing in a transfer request months ago because that piece of information doesn’t put me in any sort of “crisis mode”.

Rooney has been reported to be looking for a fresh start as it seems his newly-adapted midfield role isn’t really working out, and I think he is simply fed up with seeing Robin Van Persie steal the show. Lets be honest …Van Persie is a better player than Rooney and I think the fact that he has someone to be in competition with for a spot makes Rooney want to run away.

Rooney only managed 13 goals this season compared to Van Persie’s 25. I mean Rooney wasn’t completely irrelevant, but honestly Van Persie saved Manchester United’s behinds time after time while Rooney seemingly grew further into the shadows of Old Trafford.

Rooney has had a great run at Manchester United and I have always been a fan for what he has done since joining from the Everton youth system, but every good run must come to an end. It makes sense to sell the star considering he is valued at approximately €25 million.

That is a fee that could fetch Manchester United a couple young stars, if not one superstar. With Chicharito, Danny Welbeck and Van Persie still present, Rooney becomes an expendable piece of property.

That money could even be used to coheres Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo back to his first big stage, Old Trafford. Ronaldo and Rooney were a great tandem, pulling in three Premier League Titles and a Champions League while playing together. That made sense  because Ronaldo is a midfield/winger that can play off the likes of a great striker.

Personally, it excites me to possibly see Van Persie and Ronaldo team up next season…we can only hope.

Statistically, Rooney produced a goal to games ratio of .46 with 13 goals in 33 games. Last season he had a ratio of .82, scoring 31 goals in 39 games. His form this season has certainly been unacceptable and Manchester United management has always realized that no star is bigger than the club a la David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, Carlos Tevez, etc.

Regardless of what happens this summer, it seems as though Rooney will be rumored in with all types of teams from PSG to and to everything in between.

The door is open Wayne, I’m sure you can find your way out …

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