Is Luis Suarez In Breach Of His Liverpool Contract?

By James Hilton
Photo courtesy of Илья Хохлов (Wikimedia Commons)

Alarming reports are leaking out in the media this week, and more so last night, that Liverpool striker Luis Suarez and his agent have been in secret negotiations with Real Madrid over a summer move.

Even worse for Liverpool fans is the news that Suarez may actually have agreed to personal terms on the move already without Liverpool’s knowledge, and he has conspired to engineer his dream move without informing the club of his plans.

If true, this is earth-shattering news for Liverpool fans who were clinging onto the minuscule shred of hope that Suarez will actually rebuff Madrid and stay for at least one more year to help the Merseyside club reach the Champions League.

Yet, there could still be a silver lining to this increasingly dark cloud because if Suarez has actually been foolish enough to negotiate with Madrid, regardless of whether it was him or his agent, then he could be in breach of his contract and Liverpool would be within their rights to take legal action.

Now I can’t imagine either party wants to be involved in legal disputes over who spoke to who behind whose back, but Liverpool would no doubt be firmly supported by the majority due to the fact that everyone is becoming rather fed up of Suarez’s Spanish flirting and really just want him sold. Liverpool are in a very strong bargaining position as well, with the club being financially stable and in no hurry to sell.

The last thing Brendan Rodgers needs is a repeat of the Andy Carroll saga where he found himself forced into the market late to salvage a replacement for Fernando Torres.

Liverpool’s interests could be best served by selling Suarez before he has the chance to force through a move to Madrid. After all, it is his dream.

Then again, wasn’t his dream to play for Liverpool as well?


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