Confedartion’s Cup Finale: Brazil Rip World’s Best Spain


Geoff Burke – USA Today Sports

In a game that was expected to be tightly contested with some of the world’s best stars representing their nations, Brazil and Spain gave us a preview of what next year’s World Cup may look like.

The game was one-sided on paper… even after analyzing the total amount of chances… in Brazil’s favor. Sure, Spain played its possession game as it normally does, but when Brazil had the ball, they used it to their advantage by scoring three unanswered goals. No, that is not a misread at all. Brazil defeated Spain 3-0 in the final.

Fred scored the opener inside the first three minutes after a cross was scrambled in the box and the striker flicked the ball into the net past Iker Casillas while both players were on the ground.

Pedro Rodriguez failed to slot home the ball for the equalizer when David Luiz cleared the ball off the line and over the goal for a corner. That should have been 1-1. Julio Cesar was clearly beaten, but the center-back refused to give up on the play.

Neymar and Oscar pulled off a successfully extended FIFA 13 one-two, which allowed the young Brazilian starlet to hit home his country second of the night, giving Brazil the 2-0 halftime lead.

Fred slotted home the third and final goal early in the second half to put the game away.

Although the scoring was over, there was more action from the visitors that gave the match a bit more excitement.

Sergio Ramos sent a penalty kick wide of the far post, while Rodriguez and David Villa both had well placed shots hit away by Cesar to award his nation the clean sheet.

Jesus Navas was brought into the game to add more pace to the right flank as well as the game. He made good with his entry as he won the penalty that was missed by Ramos and he fearlessly took on multiple Brazilians at once successfully. If Spain wants to take anything out of this, they certainly found a starting right winger in Navas.

Brazil gave their fans a taste of what could come in next year’s world cup on their very own home soil. If they keep their players intact by avoiding injury, they can play this same soccer and successfully win their sixth world title.

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