Will Gonzalo Higuain Make As Much Impact in Arsenal?

By Aydin Reyhan
Gonzalo Higuain
Joe Camporeale – USA Today Sports

Gonzalo Higuain, 25, has scored 107 goals for Real Madrid in 187 matches. For Argentina, he has found the back of the net 20 times in only 32 appearances. Both statistics speak for themselves. However, even with that success, his time at Real Madrid is coming to an end.

Whether he started the game or he jumped in off of the bench, since 2007, Higuain has cemented his presence at the formidable capital club in Madrid — Real. Whether it be his teammates, coaches, club owners or the fans, everyone at who knows and adores Real Madrid have learned to love him. He has transformed from a regular striker to a game-changer.

His speed, technique, strength and ability in front of net make him dangerous. His overall ability as a striker puts a wanted sign on his head.

If he is so good, then why in the world would he be leaving Real Madrid? He has been at the club for the past six seasons — the time for a change has come for him and his club. Therefore, the next best, or equally as good, league found in England — Premier League — may be his very next destination.

Arsenal is a club that is proudly supported by its fans, organization and coach … but have not won a trophy in years.

The club brings in rising stars and develops them nicely, but then they decide to go elsewhere for money and success on all levels.

Now, after years of waiting and anticipation, a player of star caliber in Higuain may be joining them. This will be the first huge signing in a long time. He would be leaving world power Real to join their London club at the age of 25 — he is still nowhere near his prime. This is nothing but good news for the club.

Higuain could open the door for players of his caliber to follow him to the club to bring back their glory days in the Premier League. There is in fact a rumor that Wayne Rooney of Manchester United may also like the idea of moving to London. If he joins the Argentine at the club, the title talk shifts in yet another direction ahead of the season.

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