La Liga: Barcelona Expected To Repeat

By Aydin Reyhan
Kevin Jairaj-USA Today Sports

Barcelona is a team that has captured the attention of the entire world in recent years, and is looking to build onto their success. They have won titles left and right, but for a team of their caliber, all the success in the world is never enough.

After winning the La Liga but losing in the Champions League semis convincingly to Bayern Munich, they had to sign a superstar–Brazil’s ace kid, Neymar.

The left winger has played out his entire career thus far at Santos in his native Brazil, and there he became the player he is today. He appeared for Brazil on several occasions as well, most recently in the 2013 Confederation’s Cup where he led his country to the title on home soil.

Now, he is ready for his new adventure at Barcelona, where he will team up with reigning four time FIFA World Player of the Year, Lionel Messi.

Just thinking of those two teaming up on the field is a bit scary. Messi will play in the central attacking role in the traditional 4-3-3 formation with Neymar ruling the left wing position. Both are fast, full of skill and know when and how to pass the ball to near perfection.

The question still looms in many minds: who will be better during this season?

The answer can be determined by experience and the overall desire. Who wants it more? Who needs it more? Who has what it takes to lead this already successful team to new heights? The answer: they both do, but one of them is not ready as of yet.

Messi has been leading this Barca squad for the past several years and wears the number 10 because that is what it represents. He does not feel pressure in tough situations and can play in almost any atmosphere. He has the knowledge and feel for the game that most players can only dream of.

Neymar is young, poised and ready to learn from the best. Their age is not too far apart, but their experience certainly is. The Brazilian will make mistakes that the Argentine made years ago. Therefore, the reigning World Player of the Year is going to lead this team while making sure the new superstar is developing and learning everything in a correct manner.

This upcoming season will be exciting for Barca and soccer fans in general. Watch out for this Catalan side to win the La Liga and go very far into the UEFA Champions League.

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