Spain Fails To Capitalize, Eliminated From Under-20 World Cup


Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

With players like Gerard Deulofeu, Jese Rodriguez and Suso, the Under 20 Spanish national team was expected to win it all. In fact, their performance today against Uruguay proved that they have what it takes to win the big one. But one error at the back cost them everything.

The first 90 minutes kept the game in a deadlock. Then, Extra Time came around. Showing no fear, Uruguay’s left winger sent in a cross which was headed home to perfection by the hero — Fernando Avenatti. Spain would try to find an answer but they simply could not as the heroic and fearless Uruguayans kept them at bay throughout the entire 120 minutes of play.

Yes, the Spaniards lost the game but not because they were outplayed — they dominated possession and created more chances in front of goal but none were converted into the back of the net. When teams do not score, they do not win. Plain and simple.

The future, however, is bright for these youngsters. Some may never make it to the senior national team, but others like Rodriguez, Deulofeu and Suso certainly will gain their chance to play for La Furio Roja. All three youngsters are skilled, intelligent and play for clubs with proud histories: Barcelona (Deulofeu), Real Madrid (Rodriguez) and Liverpool (Suso). With the abilites they have now and what they will learn in the near future, they can brighten their futures to the fullest.

Now, back to this ongoing tournament.

With the favorites now out, the clear favorites are none other than France. Spain is the only team that defeated the French thus far into the tournament. Now, their path is clear and could be worry-free.