Why It's the Right Time for Daniele De Rossi to Move to Premier League

By masonwest
Witters Sports – USA TODAY Sports

The no. 16 jersey for AS Roma has only been worn by one man since 2001 in an age where players come and go for more money, to play with certain players, or just to change the scenery. Daniele De Rossi has been the anti-transfer target for the past 12 years but it now seems as though he may be closer than ever to trading teams at the prime age of 29 while he still can.

He fended off interest from Manchester City last season, and again Manchester City are in the playing for his services; but there is another admirer from afar who may have enough to persuade the Italian stallion into a transfer. That man would be Jose Mourinho of Chelsea.

Mourinho was recently quoted as saying that he had tried to sign De Rossi when he was the manager of Inter Milan and Real Madrid, and now Mourinho hopes to strike gold on his third try.

De Rossi has been loyal to his club over the years for many reasons that may include enjoying his football in his native city of Rome, having constant success over his time in the Serie A and lastly not needing money to be a driver as a reason to play elsewhere.

Unfortunately though, I begin to feel that De Rossi should make an escape while he can. AS Roma finished sixth last season, seventh the year before, sixth in 2010-2011 etc. AS Roma have finished second three times in the past decade but haven’t been able to claim the Serie A league trophy yet, and seemingly De Rossi has played enough good football to earn himself a trophy elsewhere.

Chelsea and Manchester City are fighting it out for his services over a reported $15 million it would take to get the all-purpose midfielder over to the EPL. If it never happens, then it will exemplify the amount of loyalty De Rossi has had throughout his professional footballing career, but loyalty can only take you so far before you itch to win big …

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