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5 Transfers That Would Be Nice to See Before It Closes

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5 Fantasy Transfers That Would Be Nice To See

Summer Transfer Window 2013
Joe Camporeale USA TODAY Sports

It may be the most anticipated time of the summer when there isn’t football to be played, the transfer window. It is a time where clubs can single handily change their relegation zone fate to be certain contenders via a medium of exchange known as money.

This time of the year requires a lot of money for some and a manageable amount of money for others as clubs look to find market steals, market superstars and the market’s hidden youth.

The transfer window becomes the one time of year where gossip in any retrospect is encouraged, seeking more money elsewhere is encouraged, and taking advantage of your market value as a player is encouraged. Some transfers end up in flops (A la Fernando Torres), some transfers end up surprising a lot of people based off the kind of production a club gets from a player bought at a fairly low price, and finally some transfers add a one for the ages type of superstardom (A la Cristiano Ronaldo’s £80 million move from Manchester United to Real Madrid in 2009).

Not everyone is ecstatic with the phenomenon known as a “transfer window” because it encourages “aimless money tossing”, unfair financial advantages with big vs. small clubs, amongst other unruly media dramatics. FIFA has tried to make this process as fair as possible especially in recent years with the introduction of the Financial Fair Play Act (FFP) which requires clubs to be financially healthy, keep accurate accounting and manage transfers with money that they can actually afford to offer. It is still very raw in its effect as top clubs still out buy the smaller clubs but I will say it has re-adjusted inflated market prices to more reasonable numbers for most so that all can at least bid for a player.

With all that being said, here are five transfers that make sense on and off the pitch…

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Christian Benteke

Aston Villa & Belgium
David Richards US PRESSWIRE

Christian Benteke is a stellar talent at a mere 22. The Belgian international had 19 goals in 34 appearances this past season for Aston Villa in the EPL. Internationally, he has scored six goals in 14 national team appearances and seems to be maturing at a rapid rate into a deadly striker. He is 6-foot-3 but moves very well for his height and seems to be able to do it about all up front. Aston Villa bought him at a steal before this past season at £7 million from Racing Genk but Benteke rightly so should fetch anywhere from £15-25 million for his services. He would be a excellent buy for Tottenham Hotspurs, the team most associated with his services as they need to replace Jermain Defoe who seems likely to head out the door. They have missed out on a few targets already like Leandro Damiao. At this point, Tottenham should cough up the money to secure this 22 year old who could make a formidable future front three for years to come with Gareth Bale.

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Gonzalo Higuain

Real Madrid & Argentina
Joe Camporeale USA TODAY Sports

At 25, Gonzalo Higuain is one of the purest strikers we have in the game right now. In 187 league appearances for Real Madrid since 2007, he's netted 107 goals. He is a prolific scorer and belongs to be up front for any top club. With Los Blancos reportedly looking to offload him because he has become expendable, Arsenal has been the most rumored club to gain his services though it will cost them £20-30 million. It makes sense for a Arsenal side that doesn't have a go to man, Higuain though could be the difference maker.

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Cristiano Ronaldo

Real Madrid & Portugal
Joe Camporeale USA TODAY Sports

Cristiano Ronaldo making a return to old Trafford would be spectacular. Imagining a front of Robin Van Persie, Ronaldo on the wing and Wayne Rooney in the attack would be a crazy three headed monster. Realistically though, it won't happen since Ronaldo is already 28 and it would be harder to match the same price Real Madrid originally paid for Ronaldo (some £80 million). Unless Ronaldo is itching to go with the departure of Mourinho, and Man U can somehow make a cut deal that could include Rooney and cash, I don't see it happening. Ronaldo has scored 146 league goals in 135 appearances giving him a unheard of goals to appearances ratio of over one. If he were to leave, it would obviously be the biggest transfer to hit this summer.

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Thiago Silva

Paris Saint Germain & Brazil
Jerome Miron USA TODAY Sports

Thiago Silva is one of the top centerbacks in the world and could only be heading into his prime now at the age of 28. Last summer, some heads scratched at the thought of seeing him playing in Ligue 1 but then again it wasn't unusual considering the amount of money they could offer him. At any rate, Barcelona are in need of CB to replace the aging Carlos Puyol who is arguably no longer at the top of his game at 36. As he looks to be on the outs, Thiago Silva would be a formidable replacement to go along side Gerard Pique. If this were to happen, Barcelona would have improved its defense dramatically as I consider Silva to be way better than Puyol in his prime anyways. This kind of transfer would probably take quite a few pounds with PSG holding out for nothing less than £30 million for now I'd say.

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Luis Suarez

Liverpool & Uruguay

Luis Suarez was one of the best players of the 2012/2013 EPL season with 23 goals to his name but as we know, he is one of the most dramatic and obnoxious players going. With too many on-and-off the field antics, he becomes a headache for any club to buy, but his goals speak louder than his actions. Knows how to find the back of the net and knows how to score in traffic. At 26, Suarez is just reaching his peak and should be worth the money if the antics lessen. With Liverpool not wanting to sell him in general, this kind of deal becomes hard. If LFC decided to sell though, I could see them holding out for £40 million from whoever has the money to buy him. Possibly an Arsenal target or a Napoli target to replace his national team partner Edinson Cavani who seems PSG bound.