Bad News Brazil: 2014 World Cup Problems May Derail Team

By mollysams
Christopher Hanewinckel – USA TODAY Sports

With the 2014 World Cup coming up in less than a year, it is becoming apparent that not everyone believes in Brazil’s potential.

Some people are saying that Brazil is not secure enough for the World Cup. In recent years, Confederation Tournaments and other games have induced riots and even kidnappings of players. While it may seem as only international teams would be targeted, even Brazil‘s Julio Caesar’s wife was a victim of robbery in the last few months. Many are still unsure if Brazil can properly hold millions of people to see the world cup, and beefing up security may be too much to handle.

But security may be the last thing on Brazil’s mind. The team is depending on Ricardo Kaka and Ronaldinho Gaúcho to get them through the World Cup, but there are rumors they may be up for trading. While there is a small gap left for summer trading, a trade is still a possibility.

Even one of their new players, Maurides Roque Junior, has injured himself after making his first goal on the team. Doing back flips seemed like a good idea at the time, but his sprained knee says differently. Hopefully Maurides will be able to pick himself back up before the World Cup, but the question of whether or not he will play is still up in the air.

Brazil has an extremely talented lineup for this year’s cup and has the chance to make their mark in football this year. Hopefully their fans will not induce violence or riots, and their government will benefit from the millions of fans and players coming into their country.

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