Selcuk Inan: Still Rising For Galatasaray At 28

By Aydin Reyhan
Photo courtesy of official Galatasaray Facebook

Selcuk Inan, 28, has been the star of Galatasaray’s midfield for the pas two seasons. He has been the glue of the team which allowed everyone to stick together to every single game plan, which is play smart defensive and offensive soccer to win games and allow as minimal of an amount of goals as possible. Well, besides a couple of games here and there, it worked out quite nicely.

He is not the top goal scorer by any means, but his assists have made his teammates and coaches quite happy, as they have come at crucial moments in times during games where his presence was always needed.

Now, as the captain, he needs to regather his troops for the grueling season ahead.

With Champions League soccer guaranteed and the title defense expected to be extremely hard with the likes of Fenerbahce and Besiktas breathing down their necks, the reigning champs have it all to do.

Domination is the best way to describe this past season domestically, but this season will be different as transfers and new coaches have arrived to heighten the intelligence and talent level of the league itself. As easy as Gala have had it in recent times, this season will arguably be their toughest yet in the past three years.

Inan is honestly good enough to transfer out of Turkey to either Germany, England, Spain, Italy or France, as he does possess the skills and knowledge to help other teams push towards similar goals and achieve similar accomplishments. If he does transfer out of Istanbul, the shock may be too much to overcome for the Galatasaray faithful. He truly is the heart and soul of the team.

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