It Would Be Best For All If Manchester United Sell Wayne Rooney

By Stowe Gregory
Mitchell Gunn – USA TODAY Sports

It would be best for all parties if Manchester United cash in for Wayne Rooney this summer, rather than let the situation continue to rot.

David Moyes has stated “Rooney is not for sale”, which is perhaps understandable as Moyes obviously wants the strongest squad possible. But I fear for United’s sake that this may rumble on into the season, negatively affecting the club if Rooney remains a United player.

Rooney hasn’t said anything publicly himself so you can maybe see why he is angered. The club and Sir Alex Ferguson told the world themselves that Rooney wanted to leave, with the details having been rather vague since. But personally the club should sell Rooney and move on. This may not be the best outcome; losing such a good player never is. But it is evident Rooney does not want to be a United player any longer. He wants to move on, and he wants to test himself in a new environment where he feels he will be given the game time to be the main figure once again.

If Moyes keeps hold of Rooney he firstly has the tough job of keeping that ego happy. Then, there is a factor which would take time to eradicate and therefore possibly hamper the atmosphere come the start of the season – the United fans. The ones who go the to games; the ones who will be their to voice their views on all this are likely to have little mercy for Rooney. He stated in his book last year that such a situation would never arise again, but due to his own demands for better quality in the squad, it now has.

The old saying is ‘there is no one bigger than the club’. It’s used time and time again, and once again it’s valid here. Rooney doesn’t want to be at the club; he’s a long way from his best and the majority of fans are unhappy with him. I feel it would be better to sell him and give someone like Javier Hernandez a bigger part in United’s season. If anyone can ever get Rooney back to his best they will always have a great player, but I can’t see that happening at United without risking a frenzy of confusion and lack of togetherness in the club.

In Moyes United must trust, but I believe a strong thing for Moyes to do is to recognize that there may be more worth in cashing in and starting a fresh than beginning a huge new era with Rooney’s confused ambitions as a distraction.


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