Will La Liga Standout Alvaro Negredo Perform For Manchester City?

By Duncan Day
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Spanish striker Alvaro Negredo is being shipping off to England to play for Manchester City in the Premier League. Negredo, who started at striker for Sevilla FC since 2010, scored 25 goals last year, ranking fourth in La Liga behind Radamel Falcao, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Lionel Messi.

Manchester City bought the 27-year-old Spaniard for a sizable transfer fee of £25 million, and Negredo will join former Sevilla teammate and midfielder Jesus Navas, who Man City acquired for a fee of £15 million. Both players are very excited to reunite with each other in Manchester.

What does Alvaro Negredo bring to the table for City and manager Manuel Pellegrini?

The Premier League squad wouldn’t pay £25 million for a 27-year-old striker if he wasn’t going to bring a scoring presence to the team. Negredo is know for his physical style of play that revolves around his ability to muscle past defenders. He is effective at making threatening runs during a counter attack, but is also capable of creating scoring chances off a slowly built-up possession.

He can use his stocky 6-foot-1, 175-pound frame to his advantage during his team’s possession, putting his back to defenders and nudging himself past them. Also, Negredo has a high defensive motor as he is willing to harass and pressure opposing defenders when they are trying to move the ball forward.

Negredo should have no problem adjusting the the high tempo for Premier League play, and since he signed with one of the top teams in the league, he will be surrounded by first-class players, including midfielder David Silva. Silva is very technically gifted and has an eye for passing lanes, so he could be integral to Negredo’s exploitation of weak defensive lines on City’s counter attacks.

Even though Negredo has a great deal of admirable qualities, there is reason to doubt his costly price tag. He is plagued by an inability to finish, and he doesn’t often exhibit the sort of keen, convincing movement around the goal that a complete striker possesses.

He also has an issue with consistent performances. For a multiple matches, Negredo will be in top form, displaying the dynamic qualities of an elite striker. Then, he will proceed to ride out a fairly considerable slump, failing to properly secure the ball on his touches and attempting to ineptly force his way through defenders.

Alvaro Negredo is somewhat of a gamble for Manchester City, but his addition could end up paying big dividends for Pellegrini’s squad.

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