Luis Suarez Would Be The Star Signing Arsenal Fans Crave

By Thomas O'Dell
Image via Jimmy Baikovicius – Wiki Commons

Luis Suarez has been the subject of a series of large offers from Premier League rivals Arsenal, according to reports.

As the Uruguayan has a clause in his contract which allows him to talk to other clubs if a bid in excess of £40 is received, Arsenal comically offered this figure, plus £1. Suarez initially cited his dislike for the media in Britain as his reasons for wanting out of Liverpool, but moving to Arsenal would probably only worsen his reputation.

But, it would be a massive signing for the Gunners. Arsenal fans have been critical of Arsene Wenger‘s tendency to avoid paying ridiculous money for players. It’s hard to criticize Arsenal and Wenger from a business standpoint, as they almost always make a profit when sending players on. However, it has hurt them as a team as they’ve slipped out of the title picture in the last few years.

Suarez would make a massive impact on Arsenal. One of the Premier League’s best players, Suarez is capable of playing in pretty much every role as a forward and would thrive at Arsenal. But he’s going to be hard to get. Liverpool haven’t given much away about any desire to sell him, if they have any.

That said, every player has a price.

For Suarez, it would mean Champions League football, and a possible realistic title challenge if Arsenal continue to strengthen.

It would annoy a lot of Liverpool fans if this one goes through, though it looks very difficult at the moment. Suarez reportedly wants the move, but football fans await for a true statement from the man himself on his wishes.

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