Robert Lewandowski's Poor Temperament Is No Problem For Borussia Dortmund

By Duncan Day
Witters Sport-USA TODAY Sports

Borussia Dortmund star Robert Lewandowski is clearly unsettled at the moment after he made a specific comment about feeling ‘cheated’ by Dortmund denying his transfer to FC Bayern Munich.

Reported by Fox Soccer, Lewandowski claimed to Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolitsa,”No matter how hard I will train and what I will do, the feeling that I’ve been cheated will still be there.” Dortmund’s management refused to sell their 24-year-old striker to Bayern, but they did so on the grounds that Lewandowski would play out the last remaining year on his contract.

Lewandowski agreed that he was fine with remaining at the Westfalenstadion a few days ago, so it is hard to get an actual read on the German’s true instincts.

So, should Dortmund fans be worrying about his denunciations? Borussia manager Jurgen Klopp doesn’t think so.

According to German news sources, Klopp believes that Lewandowski’s feelings can be dismissed, claiming that this issue can be resolved with a few sit-down conversations. “For me what he does is a thousand times more important than what he says because what he does needs no interpretation,” Klopp stated. “I am convinced we will clear up everything in the coming days.”

Even though it seems like Lewandowski doesn’t want to wait until this season’s over to move, he will still have to put forth full effort when playing for Borussia Dortmund this season. We know that he wants to join former Dortmund midfielder Mario Gotze in Munich, but if he wants FC Bayern to still be interested in acquiring him next year, he will have to boast statistics fairly similar to those he tallied last year.

His excellent year in 2013 was exemplified by his scoring of 54 goals in 98 appearances for Dortmund, and a considerable drop off in these numbers would definitely present be a red flag for Bayern.

Therefore, Lewandowski shouldn’t allow his pouting to affect his performances in the upcoming Bundesliga season, as Dortmund will strive to capture their second Champions’ League title of all-time.

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