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Top-5 Central Midfielders of 2012-13 Season In The World

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2012-2013 Seasons Top 5 Central Midfielders

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Everyone has discussions about who are the top players in the world of soccer. Today, we will keep our focus on the top-five central midfielders in the world, a very specific position that is vital to the pulse of an effective team. Whether it is protecting the back four as a defensive midfielder, being a playmaker or a box-to-box ball of energy, the midfield is the heart of any team. Having a productive midfield is vital to being a successful team in any league on any continent.

We know that writers, analysts and fans all have a different criterion for what goes into their selection process. It isn't an easy task to come up with a list, but if you can remain unbiased and simply take their current season form into account, it can simplify decisions. A current top-five list doesn't take into account achievements and accolades obtained over a career. It should only take into account what was done that particular season. These are the top central midfielders from the 2012-13 season and their team’s success was synonymous with their contributions.

The key factor in properly selecting a reputable top-five group in the world of soccer is to actually watch the majority of the games of the players you are considering for selection. It sounds obvious, but most people base their opinions solely on statistics without having actually witnessed any of the player’s performances.

What was a player's impact on his team’s success? How did he perform on the biggest stage in the biggest games? Those are the most glaring factors that decide the outcomes of games, thus should be the most important factors for selection.

The list has no discernable order from one to five, but there is no denying the talent that the list is comprised of. The list boasts talented players from around the world including Serie A, Bundesliga and the English Premier league.

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Bastain Schweinsteiger

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Bastain Schweinsteiger has been irreplaceable this season. With a work-rate matched by no other, he is not your average superstar. A stalwart for Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga, the 29-year-old German International never misses a chance to put in a hard tackle on an opponent. His box-to-box mentality and considerate passing led Bayern to the Champions League crown in 2013. Schweinsteiger possesses a rare quality to maintain his work rate throughout the entire 90 minutes of a game, something other players are surely envious of. A consummate professional, class personified on and off the pitch, and many clubs have courted the German to no avail.

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Arturo Vidal


Arturo Vidal is the poster-child for versatility, possessing few, if any weaknesses. One of the best tacklers in world of football, with a knack for scoring big goals, the 26-year-old Chilean International is one of the most complete soccer players on the planet. Vidal spearheaded Juventus to its second-consecutive Serie A title as well as led them to a Champions League quarterfinal birth. Vidal has attracted interest from some of the top teams in the world for his performances with the likes of Real Madrid and Chelsea rumored to by vying for the Chilean’s signature.

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Yaya Toure

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Yaya Touré is the epitome of a box-to-box midfielder. A mountain of a man on at 6-foot-3, he is built like an NFL Linebacker. Touré’s burst of energy and athleticism catches many players off guard. For such a big man, he possesses a remarkable skill set. The 30-year-old Ivory Coast International was the catalyst for Manchester City’s first ever EPL title and showed no signs of slowing down in 2013 leading City to a second-place finish behind arch rivals Manchester United. Touré is unlike any player, an irreplaceable talent, when unfit City finds it hard to emulate his presence on the pitch.

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Andrea Pirlo

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Andrea Pirlo, like a fine wine, has gotten better with age this season. He has been reinvigorated as a Juventus player, putting in performances that father-time can’t seem to cope with. A model of consistency, the 34-year-old Italian International is a calming influence in the center of the pitch. Pirlo possesses an undeniable ability to always find the open man with his eagle-eye vision. His presence is invaluable, when Pirlo is unfit, the Italian National team look like chickens with there heads cut off. A cerebral talent, the midfield maestro is always one step ahead of the opposition.

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Javi Martinez


Javi Martinez was a cornerstone for Bayern Munich’s historic treble winning season, winning the Bundesliga by a record 25 points. Martinez is the quintessential defensive midfield enforcer, with the vision to pick out a precision pass. As tactically sound as anyone in the world of football, the 24-year-old Spain International displays tremendous positional awareness breaking up and dispossessing opponents effortlessly. Even with Spain’s illustrious midfield, Martinez’ performances over the past season have Vicente Del Bosque second guessing his normal selections.