Turkey Must Appoint the Best Domestic Coach Possible to Succeed

By Aydin Reyhan
Barbara Johnston-USA TODAY Sports

The Turkish Men’s National Team head coach, Abdullah Avci, has resigned from his post earlier today. Now, a replacement is being quickly looked for as WC qualifiers resume in early September.

One replacement already mentioned is Galatasaray head coach Fatih Terim who led the national side to the semi-finals during EURO 2008. If he is to be approached, he would perform double duty as he would have to coach both sides simultaneously. If anyone could do so, it is the “emperor” himself.

Another coach that comes to mind is Senol Gunes who recently resigned towards the end of last season from the helm of Trabzonspor. We should all remember him as the man who coached Turkey to their biggest success yet: The semi-finals of WC 2002 then eventually to 3rd place glory over co-hosts South Korea. He has been there and done that,but the time has perhaps come back for him to return where he truly became a coaching hero.

One other man who can replace him is former famed club coach Mustafa Denizli, who is most recently known for leading Besiktas to the 2009 Super League title. He is an old school coach with recently new school ways, and that mix allows his teams to perform very well indeed. He can come right in and begin stacking up win after win by disciplining the players and giving them the most technical and successful game plans.

All three men are brilliant coaches, but rumors are pointing towards Fatih Terim at the moment. If he does get chosen, he will have his work cut out for him, but he can definitely handle the pressure.

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