Fenerbahce's Performance Was Woeful vs. Arsenal's Talent

By Stowe Gregory
Image via @Fenerbahce_EN on Twitter

For as good a performance Arsenal put in during their 3-0 win over Fenerbahce, their Turkish opponents were very poor.

I give all credit to Arsene Wenger‘s team and their ability to bounce back from their poor Premier League start, but their opponents performed far below expectations.

With a daunting home crown making a relentless barrage of noise throughout the game, they failed to capitalize and apply pressure on Arsenal, who may have succumbed to the pressure once again if given a scare or two early on. However, we’ll never know.

Fenerbahce failed to retain possession for the majority of the game. They struggled to put a string of passes together, and inevitably failed to threaten Arsenal’s goal. In fact, they didn’t have a single shot during the first half.

Arsenal showed a stark contrast to that, and they should take heart from a confident performance. But the Turks were weak at both ends of the field. Theo Walcott exploited the left back Michal Kadlek. The left back was seriously out of his depth and it effectively gifted the Gunners an outlet to attack throughout; he inevitably gave away a penalty late too.

You could also argue that keeper Volkan Demirel also handed Arsenal a goal quite literally. Despite being recognized as one of Turkey’s top keepers, his failure to keep out Aaron Ramsey‘s shot was seriously weak.

There are plenty of reasons for Arsenal fans to be cheerful after that game, but Fenerbahce failed to put up a credible fight, and that needs to be remembered before getting carried away.

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