Montreal Impact Head Coach Marco Schällibaum Shows True Leadership with Ejection Apology

By Phil Naegely
Marco Schällibaum
Jean Yves-Ahren-USA Today Sports

There are times when we get caught up in the moment and lose our cool. Montreal Impact head coach Macro Schällibaum lost his temper during Saturday’s game against DC United and was ejected. It is his third ejection with the other two both coming against Sporting Kansas City. However, what he did Monday in front of his team shows his true leadership and colors.

Schällibaum was one of three MLS head coaches ejected over the weekend, yet he is the only one to apologize to his entire team. I can’t really blame him for flipping out when forward Justin Mapp was sent into the sideline camera, but Monday’s apology has me respecting him. He realized that he messed up and wanted to be honest to his team.

I made a mistake,” Schällibaum told reporters on Monday. “I also told my team that I should be an example in many respects – I’m the leader of this team after all – and that I did something that wasn’t right. I was punished and went off earlier than the others. I take full responsibility.”

Schällibaum added, “I felt uncomfortable yesterday still, but I feel better now because [the players] have accepted my apology. “Again, I’m not perfect, just like everyone else. I’m also a human being with emotions, strong and less strong. The issue has been settled. I know that I made a mistake, and when you apologize, it comes from the heart. I’d rather it never happened again.”

While I have never coached a sports team, let alone a professional soccer team, I can relate with Schällibaum. I make mistakes and know I’m far from perfect, but it is key to be authentic and fess up when you mess up. If you admit your mistakes to others or not, it shows the type of person you are.

Schällibaum admitted in front his entire team that he messed up and that speaks volumes. Because of his apology, Montreal players will still buy into what he is saying and respect him as both a person and coach.

Schällibaum messed up and was rightfully ejected, but his full-team apology shows his true leadership and colors and is something we can all learn from.

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