Decision For Marco Fabian To Stay At Chivas Can Be A Blessing

By Lucas Carreras
Marco Fabian set to play abroad
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As if the first third of the Liga MX Apertura 2013 season were not hectic enough for Chivas de Guadalajara, the team also had to deal with the fact that its most talented player and main playmaker, Marco Fabian, had one foot out the door and was ready to leave to play abroad.

While he has caught the eye of several European clubs over the past few summers, Fabian has seen the possibility of him continuing his career in Europe sabotaged by his lack of discipline off the field.

Yet so much was the desire of Fabian to go play abroad that he seriously considered playing at Qatar for what would have been a reported four-year contract worth $5 million per year, and Chivas would have received $10 million from the transfer. Even though many within his inner circle did their best to convince him not make the move to Qatar, so much so that it was reported his father was trying to get Benfica to make a bid for him, it appeared that his press conference on Wednesday would be him saying ‘adios’ to everyone.

Yet Fabian surprised the assembled media and fans by announcing that he made the decision to stay with Chivas and spurn going to Qatar. Fabian stated he wanted a chance to win a place in Mexico‘s World Cup squad assuming it qualifies, and he wanted to show potential European suitors that he can mature and therefore make him a more attractive target for the future.

Watching the highlights of the press conference, it was clear that he recognized what he needed to do as a player on and off the field to take the next step in his playing career and as a result, his best chance at taking the next step would be better served at Chivas as opposed to doing it at Qatar.

Now that the decision has been made, the time has come for him to turn words into action.

For as talented as Fabian is as a player, he has failed to establish himself and play consistently at a high level for Chivas. Part of the issue is the fact that Fabian is up-and-down as a player. As a result of his inconsistent play, many Chivas fans are not enamored with him, given that the team is already in a state of chaos.

Now he can be a part of the solution in turning things around by improving his consistency. If this helps Chivas improve in results, then he will get back in the good graces of those fans in no time. It will also help him with his end goal of playing in Europe in the future.

In the end, he controls his own fortunes by doing his job and playing up to his abilities.

No one has doubted the technical skill and ability that Fabian possesses. Yet it was clear that his actions off-field and his inconsistencies on-field would hurt his dream to play in Europe. In the end, making a mature move to stay could end up being a blessing for him in the long run.

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