West Bromwich Albion Striker Nicolas Anelka Surprisingly Announces Retirement

By Phil Naegely
Nicolas Anelka
Kirby Lee-USA Today Sports

Heading into Thursday, I seriously doubt anyone predicted what would happen at West Bromwich’s training session. Striker Nicolas Anelka shocked the Twitter world when he abruptly left training and announced his immediate retirement.

While details are still coming in surrounding this, Sky Sports tweeted first-hand what occurred at training:

“West Brom’s Nicolas Anelka walks out of training and tells staff he is retiring #SSN.”

It is just strange to see Anelka, whose professional career started with Paris Sant-Germain back in 1996, pack his bags all of a sudden. I understand he is 34-years old, but the Frenchman has only been with West Bromwich for only 49 days. In addition, he made his club debut last weekend against Southampton.

According to the Birmingham Mail, there seems to not have been an argument of any kind between the player and the club. Moreover, Anelka is said to have spoken with team officials, including technical director Richard Garlick before leaving training and emptying out his personal belongings.

For all we know, Anelka realized he had a decent soccer career and just decided to hang up his cleats for good. Of all the retirement announcements I have seen, this is the most spur-of-the-moment decisions. One minute he is out training, and with a snap of his fingers, Anelka has disappeared into the sunset without telling us why he left.

More details should perspire later, but for now, Anelka is a retired soccer player. Who knows, he could wake up Friday and decide to come back to soccer.

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