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Top 5 Strikers in Soccer

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Top 5 Strikers in Soccer

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There is a reason why people pay top dollar in the transfer market for strikers -- the hardest thing to do in soccer is put the ball In the back of the net.

This group of players have an irrefutable talent that for scoring goals. The most clinical finishers in the world, they tend to always score in the timeliest occasions. They are constant aerial threats, goal poachers, and are seemingly always in the right place at the right time. If you understand soccer, then you understand that quality is a rarity that few players possess.

A knack for scoring goals on the biggest stage is vital to a team’s success. All of these players score goals in bunches with venomous volleys and precision placement. Knowing when to play with finesse and knowing when to be a battering ram isn't easy, but it has to be innate for a player to become a top draw goal-getter.

Whether they are playing with their backs to the goal or on the shoulder of their last defender, strikers most often dictate their team’s success. Show me a team without a striker scoring goals, and I'll show you a team at the bottom of the table. Strikers have to be willing to make runs in behind defenders and possess a deadly first touch. 
Being a great dribbler is not a necessity, but being able to tantalize a ball with a first touch is a requirement to being a world-class striker.

Having the ability to anticipate a pass with the calmness to finish it quickly is something that all the guys on this list have proven. Coaches around the world would covet all of these players, relishing the chance to coach game-changing talents like these.

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5. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a mountain of a man with skills rarely associated with a man of his stature. The Swedish International is a wizard of a soccer player with uncanny technical ability. The Paris Saint-German man is always willing to try the audacious, and displays supreme dexterity. A consistent goal scorer, the big man has terrorized the whole continent of Europe. With an ego to rival the big talent in his boots, Ibrahimovic is always ready to take on a whole back four by himself. Oozing with confidence, Ibrahimovic is always scoring spectacular goals, elevating his squad with every kick of the ball.

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4. Robin Van Persie

Van Persie
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Robin Van Persie is a consummate professional with a left foot that strikes fear into the eyes of his opponents. A tactically sound and technically-gifted player, the Dutch international scores goals with relative ease. He is an inspirational player with the leadership and the demeanor that all top-notch strikers should strive to obtain. No one in England has scored more goals than the Manchester United man over the last two seasons, as he is proving his valor week in and week out when the lights are brightest. Van Persie always strikes the ball with conviction, making it seem inconceivable to spectators on the odd occasions that he misses the target.

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3. Luis Suarez

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Luis Suarez is a polarizing figure with undeniable talent, and the product he puts out on the pitch is well worth the baggage. The Uruguayan international has an unbelievable work-rate, one that the best midfielders would be envious of. Never giving up on a play, his play on the pitch is an example for all young players trying to make it to the professional ranks. Suarez is as clinical a finisher as anyone in the world; he has never seen a shot he didn’t like. His attempts on goal are as ambitious as they are perplexing at times, but no one can deny the inspiration he provides to Liverpool. Suarez is a complete player, running all over the pitch and always putting in a good shift for the team. It’s easy to see why he bags so many goals.

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2. Radamel Falcao

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Radamel Falcao was probably scoring goals straight out of his mother’s womb -- an immense talent just recently being recognized for his greatness. The Colombian International is a magnificent player and rarely, if ever, has a barren spell of scoring goals. A true poacher, Falcao seems to end up on the end of every cross and every long ball in his penalty box. It is a testament to his awareness on the pitch; he has the innate ability to finish no matter the degree of difficulty or the positioning of his priceless feet. Monaco beat everyone in the chase for the sought-after star with the thought that he can lead them to the promised land, continuing to leaving an indelible mark on all of Europe.

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1. Edinson Cavani

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Edinson Cavani has the stature, pace and technique to be one of the top strikers to ever play this game. The Uruguayan International is a rare mix of size and athleticism, leaving defenders dead in his wake. An all-around scoring dynamo, Cavani mystifies defenders with his rare qualities and masterful technique. A player never lacking fluidity, Cavani’s decisiveness in front of goal is a tremendous asset. Recently joining Paris Saint-German from Napoli, it will be interesting to see how he links up with Ibrahimovic. Together, they make up the most ostentatious strike force in Europe.