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Top 5 Wingers in Soccer

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Top 5 Wingers In Soccer

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This group of players is comprised of wide players; players who prefer to play on the touchline in the attacking third of the pitch.

Top-class wingers possess very rare and specific qualities, qualities most professional players could only dream of having. First and foremost, to maintain width as a wide player, you must have blistering pace. If you lack pace as a winger, it is impossible to be effective, as the space you occupy will be easily tracked, thus rendering you wasteful and useless as a wide player.

Some wingers like to play on the side of their strong foot and cross the ball into their teammates, others like to play on the opposite side of their strong foot so that they can dip inside for a shot or send in an in-swinger cross. Either way, what makes a world-class winger is the final product that you produce, whether it’s a shot or a cross.

These players excel at dribbling at defenders in a one-on-one situation, as well as crossing the ball with inch-perfect accuracy. They are game changers -- scoring and assisting goals in the most critical moments during matches. All these players possess unbelievable quickness, suddenness and a work-rate to track back and help fullbacks who are willing to get forward in support.

The best wingers in the world are decisive players, helping out-number the opposition in midfield, while delivering the final ball for a goal inside the penalty box. These players bring enthusiasm and life to the crowd as they always spearhead the counter-attacks.

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Franck Ribery

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Franck Ribery has been wreaking havoc on defenders for over a decade, with no coach figuring out answers to containing him. The French International is the epitome of a winger, being equally as comfortable on either side of the pitch. The Bayern Munich man is deadly with both feet, menacing down the touchline to pick out a final pass. Ribery practically draws a foul on an opponent every time he is in possession, with pace and trickery he can be a handful throughout the course of the game.

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Jesus Navas

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Jesus Navas is strictly a right-winger; you would think that would help the opposition with such predictable positioning. The Spain International has proven over time his whereabouts may be known, but how to stop him is still up for debate. With cat-like quickness, Navas evades defenders effortlessly, pulling away from defenders with pace and wizardry. The newly-minted Manchester City player’s delivery on crosses is legendary. Always making the right decision and picking out a teammate, Navas is a constant barrage down the right flank, never giving a defender a moments rest.

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Angel Di-Maria

Di Maria
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Angel Di Maria may be the hardest working player in the world, his motor never stops running, and his tank never seems to be on empty. With his long and rangy stature, the Argentinean International is equipped with a deadly left foot, scoring spectacular goals from distance. Versatile enough to harass defenders on both flanks, Di Maria loves to in-swing the ball from the right side of the field when picking out a target. A bundle of energy, people marvel at the work-rate of such an attack-minded player. A world-class dribbler, the Real Madrid man can get anywhere on the pitch in a moments notice.

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Willian is one of the most underrated players in the world, but his opponents will tell you there is nothing subtle about his talent. The Brazilian International has all the goods you want to see in a winger: an insatiable appetite for destruction, he systematically picks apart defenses. The Anzhi Makhachkala star looks to be on his way to the Premiership before the summer transfer window closes, and there is no doubt he will become a house hold name in England. Willian plays with the flair of a typical Brazilian, bewildering defenders at a moments notice. He strikes the ball as clean as anyone, and shows the fluidity to interchange all over the final third of the pitch.

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Arjen Robben

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Arjen Robben may have the second-best left foot in the world behind Lionel Messi, a true winger in every sense of the word. The Dutch International always finds a way to get his shot off, dribbling by defenders with one thought in mind: to strike the ball into the top corner of the net. As technically gifted as any player in the world, the Bayern Munich man oozes confidence. Injuries have halted his ascendancy at times, when fit, however, is easily one of the top-10 players in the world. A big-game player and big-goal getter, Robben is always up for the challenge.