Gareth Bale Transfer Saga Needs To End Now

By Aydin Reyhan
G Bale
Photo courtesy of Gareth Bale’s official Facebook page

The Gareth Bale transfer saga has to come to an end, as this has been going on for roughly three months. Rumors have been floating around all summer, but Bale is still not a member of Real Madrid. Tottenham has made it more than difficult for the young Welshman to join his dream club.

Now, a fee of 86 million pounds has been agreed by the two sides, but nothing has been finalized. A rumor is floating around stating that Tottenham’s management has been angered by the fact that Madrid has already set up a stage to unveil their prize signing.

Is that something that should halt such a blockbuster deal? Absolutely not!

Real Madrid is simply excited to finalize the deal to bring Bale over to play alongside some of the very best players in the world. Setting up a stage prematurely is a bit disrespectful, but when one team is getting a load of cash in return as payment, they need to keep their tail between their legs and let the mega-deal happen.

Now, since the deal has still not yet been finalized, Bale is refusing to train with his teammates, since he has already said his goodbyes to his soon to be former teammates. He was given permission to do so.

Should he have the right to not train after saying goodbye to everyone? On paper, no. For his pride, absolutely.

The youngster would be crazy to go back to training as it would be extremely embarrassing – his team mates know he does not want to be there at all so for him to return even if mandatory is simply an incorrect action to take.

All in all, this is a deal that should be completed at the very latest later on this week. He wants to go, so he should. Plain and simple.


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